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(no subject) [Dec. 26th, 2003|04:03 pm]
What Ive Learned This Year:
+ Life does not come after you...you must go after it.
+ That being a good friend involves keeping in contact with people, even if its not always convenient for you.
+ That being thin most definatly does not equal being happy.
+ That people can sense falseness and awkwardness, and that these are not attractive qualities to anyone.
+ That alot of the time, you must make your own fun.
+ Initiative is rewarding.

...more as it comes.
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(no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2003|06:12 pm]
im having a breakdown or something...for absoloutly no reason.

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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2003|08:41 am]
I am quitting my job. I honestly cant do it anymore...work my ass off all weekend and barely make any money. Its left me with pretty much zero social life, and i think that alone is making everything worse. Ive been wanting to do it all week but today is the last day I can if I dont want to work the weekend. I dont think this paragraph makes any sense...ughughugh. I had the WORST sleep of my life last night...but sleeping the last week altogether has been pretty shitty.

Im sorry I havent been commenting in all your journals lately. Im reading, Im just lazy.

Its a rainy, cold day. I think Ill go back to bed and watch talk shows since Im not going to start studying for my last two exams till tommorow anyway. Im such a lazy motherfucker :P
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2003|09:36 am]
I fucking hate winter.

the end.
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2003|09:32 am]
Im going to hand in my essay and then going shopping today. This should be interesting...I doubt ill fit into any pants (everythings too big) but a couple of nice cozy sweaters and some new earrings would be nice.

I should treat myself :P
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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2003|08:22 pm]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

My friend Dominique and I got drunk before film class today...and you know what...for the first time in a long while I missed rez, I missed laughing and I missed having fun. For so long ive been in this daze - a daze that does not allow me to feel any emotion, to care about anything. But being drunk for the first time in a month, as silly as it sounds, made me feel like I was free again, if even for a short while. It was fun to escape for a bit.

I have to write an essay for sociology tommorow - due the next day. They dont call me Queen of Procrastination for nothing :S. I have to analyze a song lyric...Im thinking of doing "Round Here" by Counting Crows.
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2003|11:04 pm]
I have a million shifts at work over the break...i mean, the money is nice to have and everything, but honestly - its not necessary that I work like a dog all weekend when I dont really have to. I dont want to quit - I need the reference and they seem to like me. Its just so frusterating that I cant ask for less time. Not too mention completely tiring.

Im still not done my essay due monday. Ive procrastinated badly before, but this is really, really bad.

What are you all asking for as gifts for the holidays? Im curious.
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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2003|10:53 am]
oh man...maybe leaving three essays to do in 3 days wasent such a good idea after all. i really am the queen of procrastination :S

im going to my first "session" at the eating disorder clinic this afternoon...i have no idea what to expect. i supose it can only help me, but honestly, i dont feel like going. just saying that i do makes me feel as though i belong in a mental institution.

i think that im the only one that enjoys being in malls on the christmas holidays. there's something so familar and exciting about it; even the disgusting, huge crowds cant keep me away. i want to go so badly, but with long work hours and essays and doctors, its hard to have leisure time. all that i do have is spent sleeping because i get tierd out so easily.

im a prisoner of my own mind
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2003|08:37 pm]
nothing makes you appreciate your parents like a home cooked meal and them ushering you around like they did when you were twelve years old and wanted to go to the movies with your friends.

my roomate is leaving for florida tommorow. everyone is trying to escape the dorms...they are just too dim and depressing. i thank my lucky stars that i can come home and be babied whenever i want. i really do.

you want to know whats absoloutly pathetic? i was investigating what stores are in the mall near where im staying when i go to florida in febuary. im already daydreaming about the sand and the warm nights and all the things im going to buy that will make me temporarily happy.

why cant i just always be happy?
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(no subject) [Nov. 24th, 2003|01:14 pm]
sushi is god ;)
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